International Urban Wildlife Conference


Hosted by San Diego State University and
The Wildlife Society's Urban Wildlife Working Group
San Diego, California, USA
June 4-7

Wildlife Acoustics Hands-on SM4BAT Lunch & Learn

Acoustic recorders provide a non-invasive and cost-effective technique to assess species biodiversity within a region. This will be a hands-on workshop based on the Song Meter SM4BAT recorder. Participants will learn how to set the SM4BAT to record as well as some helpful deployment tips and how to configure multiple units quickly. As time allows, Kaleidoscope analysis software will also be covered. We recommend you download the free Song Meter SM4 Configurator and the 2-week free trial of Kaleidoscope

Limited to 20 participants -RSVP required

Please email Han Li to sign up with SM4BAT workshop in the subject line and mention any dietary preferences/food allergies if applicable.